Name: Zach Weinstein

Position: Founder - Trainer

From: Spring Hill, TN

EXP: 7 years of NCAA D-1 basketball 

2013-2018 Manager at Western Kentucky Univ. 

2018-2020 Player Development at Jacksonville State Univ.

 Zenith Hoops is an Individual skill development program dedicated to helping players expand not only their skill set but also their understanding of the game itself. 

We know that no two players are the same, and that's why we tailor all our plans to each player to guarantee the best results.

We work with all different players whether a novice who needs the basics or an advanced player who needs to be pushed to reach their potential.


Ben Lawson

Professional Basketball Player

 Summer League Champion

"Zach's basketball IQ and his passion for the game is undeniable. He has the ability to develop players in areas that directly correlate to better on court performance."

NBA Summer League Highlights

Darius Thompson

Professional Basketball Player

Dutch League MVP(2019)

"From high school to college Zach has learned from some coaches with brilliant basketball minds. He's soaked in a lot of knowledge and it shows. His understanding of what coaches look for in players is very beneficial in his approach to developing players"

MVP Season Highlights


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